What is Cloud Computing and how does it work?

Some of you may already know what Cloud is and what services are there. In this article we will delve deeper. how it works And why is it so popular and widely used so quickly? by everyday life You may be using the cloud. without knowing it at all

The word “Cloud” or stands for “Cloud Computing” has a basic meaning, which is a tool that acts as a host of services via the Internet. allows users to Store, process and manage information Through the Internet in exchange for a part of the cost, which this online Host system has from a small scale to a very large one.

The first thing that everyone needs to understand is that Cloud is not something that is intangible. while user data files are saved through the cloud. without taking up computer space That data set needs to be stored on any piece of hardware in the world.

that means When you upload data to the cloud Through services (such as Dropbox), your files are transmitted over the Internet to physical servers. And it actually exists, which the server of the Cloud service provider has a number of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of machines ever. for global storage services which is popularly known as Server Farms.

Cloud is
So simply by definition, a cloud is a collection of servers and data centers to provide storage services around the world. Basically, it’s digital storage. Where you can store various work files, which differs from other types of storage (such as External Harddisk, Flashdrive, etc.) is that you do not need a device to connect to the machine. As long as your device has Internet access, you can access the Cloud wherever you are in the world.

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Cloud is not a physical device. but refers to the transmission of information via the Internet When you store some data files through the cloud That means saving the work online. by anyone with a device and complete resources You can own your own Cloud as well. But it’s not easy to do. because of the high cost and complex maintenance

Cloud is
to expand for easier understanding I want everyone to think of the electrical system as an example. If we have to have a generator for personal use Requires investment in equipment costs and maintenance costs are very high. Therefore, we have an electrical organization that serves to supply electricity to us through a large generator that everyone can access. And we only pay for the amount of electricity we use.

In the case of Cloud, they use the same concept. That is, users do not need any hardware to store their own data. Just use the cloud save method and only cost space. that is used only