The Best Minecraft Server Hosting of 2022

As Minecraft is a fast-paced game that has won the hearts of many people. It is therefore not surprising that not many people are Thinking of installing my own Minecraft server?

What is Minecraft?

Think of Minecraft as a modern version of a classic game that never goes out of fashion. In fact, I’ve seen it referred to as virtual Lego. This may not be entirely correct because Minecraft is so loud.
Lego must produce The whole Lego set with this theme came out too!

Simple graphics coupled with simple but innovative gameplay has made this game very popular.

Thanks to its supportive fan base, Minecraft has been able to push itself out to almost all digital platforms. From desktop computers to mobile devices and consoles, Minecraft is available today as a simple or as one of the many creations created by fans and developers.

Multiplayer mode in Minecraft

Although Minecraft can be played alone. But one of the main features is an engaging multiplayer mode. which can be played together in many forms depending on the environment

For example, players can decide to wage war. Play a game of helping each other out. Or in peace and quiet in one’s little virtual land. For multiplayer mode, there are four main options:

  • Play on a Local Area Network (LAN) A LAN connects a group of computers in a small space. For example, linking a few computers in one room is considered a LAN connection.
  • Minecraft Realms The concept of realms was created by Minecraft designers to allow players to quickly host their Minecraft game through the service. It must be a subscription in addition to the cost for Minecraft.
  • split screen This function is for consoles only and allows up to 4 people to play Minecraft side by side at the same time using one screen.
  • online server This is the most interesting option where users have to setup an environment entirely online from scratch to host Minecraft games. Most hosts rent server space from a web hosting company for this purpose.

Minimum Requirements to Host Minecrafts Servers

As you probably already know Hosting games is often difficult as these games typically use more resources than web applications, but fortunately Minecraft doesn’t use that much resources. And you can host it on a fairly basic web server.

However, keep in mind the basic Minecraft settings, which they call the basic settings. You can set these settings for an average group of 10 players with VPS hosting.

Let’s take a look at some of the basic requirements that are likely to be required for hosting Minecraft in numbers.

Minimum requirements

1 sub CPU
Recommended specification

2 sub CPUs

The storage is a bit neglected compared to what it offers, so we’ll skip it as long as it uses an SSD.

If you want to go a step further and get more serious about hosting Minecraft, you’ll want to look for higher numbers for groups of 50 or more. neglect the requirements It must be higher as well.

In such a case, I would recommend a VPS package like the Minecraft Villager plan on Hostinger, which has 3GB of RAM, but costs 400 baht per month. The more players you want to host. The higher the potential cost, the higher it will be.

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Benefits of running your own Minecraft server

At this point of the article You might be wondering So why waste the headache of finding your own server to host Minecraft?

Of course, I don’t care what you feel like backing up. But I want you to think about the positive aspects of hosting Minecraft yourself here.

Freedom to choose Mods
If you’ve played the game and are frustrated because the version you’re using doesn’t work with some mods. It should be understandable, in fact, these plugins may already be available. You just don’t have access to it, so hosting your own Minecraft server allows you to choose which mod you want to install.
community building
Humans are social creatures, and while hanging out with friends can be fun, they can be fun. But time may not always be favorable. Fortunately, the digital world has taken its toll and Minecraft can be a great way for you to create a small community made up of your best friends, or to say, your own little world in big world
my house my rules
For hosts that support large communities Regulations are often created to cover a large number of people for the benefit of the majority. But if you’re hosting your own Minecraft server, you’re just coming up with rules for your small group of people. And what’s even better is You create your own rules. not following the rules of others
as a teaching tool
If you are an educator You might be surprised to learn that Minecraft can be a great teaching material. Imagine that. How good would it be to teach youth and people in society in this age of trial and error the importance of different aspects of self-expression and decision-making? They teach in a fun-filled environment that encourages them to build and explore.

There’s a lot you can do with it, so get creative and look less at Minecraft hosting as a “game manipulation” and see the potential hidden in it if used creatively.
Hosting Minecraft can be quite expensive in the long run. especially if you are hosting a large number of players. The cost of hosting the servers is noticeably high, but Minecraft is still under license from Microsoft – so understandably there are costs involved.

As a result, Microsoft allows certain actions. This is a way through which you can compensate for the cost. Here are some ways to monetize your Minecraft server. in-game advertising Installing a web store and more

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Things to keep in mind when hosting a Minecraft server

Like many other applications, Minecraft puts the heavy workload on the hardware and infrastructure. In order to enjoy a smooth gaming experience in an environment where you host Minecraft yourself, you need to know some financial and technical details.

Although most of these details are applicable to almost all web hosting options already. But some web hosts have taken it a step further by offering Minecraft-exclusive hosting packages, which may include extra features specific to Minecraft.

Having your own Minecraft server online means You will need a certain level of hardware and bandwidth to support it. If you don’t have your own data center That means you will need to rent space on a server hosted by a web hosting company like Hostinger.

This ensures that your Minecraft hosting is running smoothly. You need to take into account some factors when choosing a Minecraft hosting package such as:

  1. Processor

Almost all web applications require a lot of processing time to run. especially for gaming environments in actual use situations Processing time is calculated in clock cycles (so it comes out in MHz or GHz).

for web hosting work Servers often have multiple powerful processors. The amount of processing time depends on your web hosting package. Shared web hosting processing time is calculated jointly between accounts using the same server. While VPS or cloud hosting packages will keep a portion of the resources for the user.

The use of that particular service does not have to share resource usage with other users.

  1. Memory

RAM is a fast, ever-changing storage space used for processing. when it is called to your server The server loads the data into memory for faster processing. If you have less memory than you need Servers have to switch data to and from RAM more often, which leads to reduced performance.

This is no different from processing time. Shared hosting relies on a large memory pool shared between multiple users. While VPS or cloud packages provide users with private memory for use. But how much memory will be depends on the provider and package you choose.

  1. Type of storage and area

Minecraft isn’t a game that takes up more storage space than other games, but if you’re running your own Minecraft server, having an SSD will speed things up. Try to check carefully for any possible differences.

Some web hosting providers provide SSD-based server software (such as operating systems and web server software) while storing your data in regular storage. This is different from using a full SSD solution where everything is stored on the SSD.

  1. Server Location

This is probably one of the most important things for your Minecraft hosting server, the location of the server makes all the difference. Servers that are far from the gamer’s location often result in high lag.

If you are hosting players from around the world You probably won’t be able to do much, however, if you’re hosting in a narrower context. (It can be players in a specific country or region.) Ask to choose a web hosting that has servers in or near your area. This can greatly reduce game lag.


You can use our server speed checker to check if the server you are using is fast or not!

  1. Minecraft specific support

As I mentioned earlier Some web hosting providers offer specialized hosting packages aimed at targeting people who want to host Minecraft. This is important because providers with these premium packages may offer additional support for the package. Hosting your Minecraft which may not be easy to find anywhere else.

An example of this type of support is often in the Installation and Setup Help section. Want to know if the host you’re considering can help? You should try to inquire before purchasing a package.

  1. Avoid Overpriced Minecraft Hosting Packages

Many web hosting companies offer lower prices than what is suggested here. However, I urge you to be cautious when considering these cheap services. Many of these packages tend to be substandard and operate in such a mundane manner that ultimately affects your gaming experience

best Minecraft servers in 2021

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