Get to know Mail Server, why should every business use it?

At this time, users of the E-Mail Server system pay attention to the security system and access to information in e-mails. and more connected to the internet world Therefore, it is not surprising that many well-known companies and Start-Ups around the world have tried to develop relevant technological innovations in this field.

Because every business in the next future world information traffic and connection to the network is an inevitable matter.

Today we would like to introduce Mail Server, which is considered a service that is gaining acceptance from all over the world. and received the best webmail user interface award for several consecutive years, such as The Best Collaboration Solution and The Best Communication Solution from CODiE Awards 2009.

It is also designed to cover a wide range of functions. It is now serving more than 30,000 major US agencies, universities and private sectors, and currently has 50 million email users around the world.

What is Mail Server?

mail server full name is Collaboration Suite (ZCS), which is an email server system with GroupWare system developed by company, today it is used all over the world. As an E-Mail Server system that has a high level of security and virus protection and anti-virus capabilities, as well as its own spam filtering system, it is very flexible. It is also designed to support connected functionality and support use via Webmail, IMAP and POP3 Server, etc.

What can you do?

In addition, is not just a general E-Mail Server service or used for sending e-mails only. But there is also a system that supports a full range of work styles and is suitable for use in every business as well.


document management system
work activity management system
calendar of events
search system
With outstanding features, it allows us to work for sending information, organizing documents, and connecting contacts so that every connection within the organization is more unified.

Why should every business use it?
Because at this time, the E-Mail Server system that provides services on the Cloud is becoming a new innovation that replaces the old style of Server. And help solve problems for the work of various departments and companies a lot, in which the use of e-mail, which is important in terms of communication and sending information. It has also been applied to the Cloud receiver.

Due to the original problem of the E-Mail Hosting service, often encountered problems such as encountering Spam or having less space to support. Data cannot be recovered, etc.

But with Cloud Email Hosting services, there will be separate parts from each other. In the case of Cloud E-Mail Hosting, it will not be integrated with website storage. This can reduce the problem of spam that comes from the website as well, and in the E-Mail Server will only store the emails that have been sent out and received. In addition, having a built-in anti-email spam mail and virus protection system will help prevent external threats. It is also a service that supports mobile applications and devices that are commonly used by people such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

In summary, the mail server service is a suitable and fast service. Help protect data and support business smoother unexpectedly. Especially in an era where almost everything is transmitted via email and through more devices than just a desktop computer. but also connected to the network

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